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Are you being haunted by your employee’s various payslip requests?

For every employee, being paid accurately, on time and hassle free is extremely important. Even once the payroll is completed, there are still a few aspects that need to be considered to ensure the end to end process has been finalised and your employee has full visibility of their payment for that current pay period.

At Cobia we offer an online portal that handles everything from payslips and P45 visibility for your employees, to seamless and secure transferring of payroll data for yourselves. The ability to have everything in one platform ensures the payroll process runs smoothly and the employees have instant access once payroll is complete without the usual chasing for documents and increased workload this can create.

Employee Portal

Our online portal removes the need for printing and posting of paper payslips, P60’s and P45’s. Whether you currently send your payslips by post or email, you will instantly benefit from our secure electronic portal. This solution can integrate seamlessly into your current infrastructure, enabling fast and effective implementation. Cost savings are immediate with any postage charges being eliminated. The portal solution will also underpin your organisations green polices and reduce resource requirements.

Should an employee require historical payslips for finance applications, their payslips are readily available to send to the financial institution without the need for any external intervention.

Cobia’s portal has the additional benefit of remaining active after an employee has left. This allows them to access their payslips without having to contact any departments, reducing queries and requests and leaving more free time for yourself to concentrate on other areas of your business.

Secure File Transfer

The Cobia e-payslip portal has one of the highest levels of security and is fully GDPR compliant. The portal also has an accredited certification to ISO/IEC 27001 and holds a Cyber Essentials certificate which demonstrates that it is following securities best practice from development to delivery. Secure file transfer solutions protect your files and documents using enterprise-grade encryption.

Did you know the portal can send PAYE documents including payslips, P60s, P11Ds and P45s?  Meaning salary and HR documents at employee’s fingertips; accessible anytime, anywhere and delivered within minutes.

How It Works

Cobia complete the monthly payroll and produce your PAYE document (payslip, P45 etc) > Cobia uploads to your personal secure portal > Invitation to join is then automatically sent to staff > Register by completing a simple online registration form, you will require your NI number > PAYE notification alert received via email stating that a new document has been uploaded into your personal secure portal > You will now be able to log in and view your PAYE document(s) for the current month and also any previous months.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Payslips delivered quickly and securely to the employee’s personal portal login
  • GDPR Compliant with end to end encryption
  • Easy to implement
  • The payslip portal can be customised in several ways to suit your business requirements. This can be by including a company logo/address/unique strapline.
  • No software downloads necessary for recipients
  • No email address required for employees
  • Immediate access to all PAYE information
  • Reduce PAYE queries and requests
  • Underpins green values and reduces paper waste
  • Employees portal remains active even after the employee has left

All of our clients have access to our secure payslip portal so speak to us today if you would like to find out more.

Happy Halloween from all at Cobia.

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