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Tanni Shabbir

Tanni Shabbir, Business Development Consultant

Business Development Consultant
aka Tenacious Tanni

Tanni is the first port of call for new business enquiries at Cobia and is passionate about helping companies grow, ensuring they are compliant and profitable. Her excellent interpersonal skills enable her to easily build rapport with our clients and her expert knowledge ensures she is always up to date with the latest changes in legislation.

Tanni has a wealth of experience in management, leadership, sales and customer service, which she has gained selling premium financial service products. Prior to joining Cobia, Tanni was a senior manager at Grouper (an exclusive membership club) where she led a team of business managers.

Fun facts about Tanni

  • Her motto is knowledge is power so she is studying law at the Open University
  • A very happy client sent her a Fortnum and Mason hamper at Christmas
  • She is outnumbered 3-1 by males at home but they know who is boss
  • She used to visit Norway every summer and can speak Norwegian
  • Tanni was a David Lloyd member for six years and made use of the facilities often… to drink lattes

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