Contractor Pay Calculator

And Nothing Fishy About It…


Calculate how much you could earn as a contractor

As a contractor, you can benefit from a higher income than employees locked into permanent contracts.

When you set up a limited company, you’ll be able to maximise your income further by claiming tax relief for business-related expenses. This reduces your taxable income and means you pay less than a traditional employee (you can even claim your accounting fees as a business expense).

Use our calculator to find out how much of your pay you could take home as a contractor, then give us a call when you’re ready to set up your limited company and we’ll do this for you, free-of-charge.

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You could earn over £51,748 per year after tax

As a contractor, you can claim more expenses than the average employee. When you form a limited company you can maximise your income even further by paying yourself through a combination of salary and dividends.

What expenses can I claim as a contractor?

There are a wide range of expenses you can claim as a contractor and even more when you form your own limited company. Examples include business-related travel costs, computer equipment and even your accounting fees.

Caught by IR35?

If you’re caught by IR35 legislation, we can still help you take home more of your income.