Partnerships with agencies and affiliates

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Our partnerships with agencies and affiliates

We’re interested in building mutually beneficial partnerships with agencies and affiliates. If you’d like to discuss partnerships in more detail, please get in touch.

Refer and receive £500

For each client you refer, you’ll receive £500 as a thanks for introducing new business to Cobia*.

*Terms and conditions apply. See below for details on our partnership scheme.

How our agency and affiliate partnership scheme works

For each client you refer to Cobia, you’ll receive £100 after their first month with us and £400 after they’ve been a client for six months.

If you refer ten clients who sign up with Cobia you’ll receive a total of £1000 after they complete their first month with Cobia.

When they’ve been a client for six months, you’ll receive an additional £400 per client, coming to a total of £4000.

That’s £5000 cash for you, just for referring new business to Cobia.

As this chart illustrates, if you consistently referred ten clients each month, you could earn £30,000 over the space of a year.

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