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Join us in December and we’ll give you £500 cashback – £100 after you’ve made your first payment and £400 after you’ve been a client for six months.

This offer applies to any new client who joins Cobia Accounting in December 2017 and supersedes any previous offers or promotions.

If you’re new to limited company accounting, there are many benefits to be gained from setting up your own limited company.

These are the main reasons our clients set up limited companies:

  • Taking home more of the money they make and spending company profits as they choose
  • The option to claim tax relief on a wide range of business-related expenses (including subsistence and vehicle running costs to name a few)
  • Purchasing equipment for their role through their company (including laptops, phones and even some vehicles)

When you sign up with Cobia, you’ll gain access to a personal accountant to take care of your accounts and ensure you’re not hit with a large tax bill.

We’ll ensure your company is tax-efficient and profitable, so you’ll take home more income with minimum hassle.

Find Out How Much You Could Save By Setting Up A Limited Company

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Need some advice on what to do?

We set up your limited company, taking care of your accounts and returns for a fixed monthly rate. Select a package that suits you:

Accounting Services Built On Trust And Reputation

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What We Do
We set your company up. helping you maximise your income through tax planning and advice. Ensure all deadlines are met and make sure your tax, accounting and company secretarial obligations are met.

Leaving you to concentrate on your day job, earning as much as you can. Along the way there will be questions and we are here to answer then advise accordingly as part of your package.

Free Company Set Up
We will set up your limited company for free, all we need is the name.
Maximise your Income
Often setting up a limited company, with advice from your accountant, can mean the most tax efficient way of working and you can generally take home 75-80% of your earnings.

With a limited company you’ll need to handle invoicing, the company bank account and decide how to pay yourself. You can claim a wider range of expenses helping to increase your take home pay.

Free Accounting Software
All our packages offer accounting software in the cloud.
Personal Accountants For Ongoing Help
All accountants are members of UK accounting bodies, based in the UK and we are contactable in person, on the phone, on email, livechat or on Skype during business areas. Along the way we can help with all ongoing queries you may have.
Annual Accounts Filed
We keep track of all the regulatory deadlines to keep a Limited Company running and use the data in the accounting software to provide timely reports.

Simplifying Accounting: All Our Packages Include Easy To Use Cloud Accounting Software

Access your accounts online from any device

  • Update your accounts whilst issuing quotes & invoices with cloud-based software from our partner Kashflow
  • Download an app to use on your phone
  • Easily enable your personal accountant to view your finances to speed up returns and advice
  • Be productive on the move
  • Save over £150 on software fees with our packages (included in all our packages)

Keep A Close Eye On Your Accounts

  • Keep an eye on your performance with reports on profit & loss, stock control and self assessment.
  • Remind your customers about missing payments with automatic notifications.
  • View overdue payments

Accounting Made Simple

  • Full training session for new customers
  • Suitable for non accountants with a full tips and help section
  • Pre built standardised reports for quick access
  • Online dashboard displaying your financial position

Stay Synced

  • Link your bank accounts into the software to automate income and expenditure
  • Making it easier for you to see a real time view of your finances
  • No need to manually record transactions, your accountant can instantly access your income and expenditure

Stop Chasing Unpaid Invoices

  • Integration with industry leading online payment processors like Worldpay, PayPal and GoCardless.
  • Issue invoices from anywhere, automate them and set reminders to pay increasing payment times.

Professional & Easy Invoicing

  • Stop chasing unpaid invoices with automated follow ups
  • Easy online invoicing with a professional branded look for your business
  • Set up automation rules to match invoices and book keeping processes to save time
  • Automate and duplicate invoicing

Chat to an expert on how you could be set up in just 24 hours!

Want to try our accounting software for free for 30 days?

We want you to be comfortable and confident using our accounting software when you join Cobia, so we’re offering a free 30-day software trial.

Whether you’re waiting on confirmation of your contract or considering making the move to digital bookkeeping, we’ll help you get started.

Choose from Kashflow, Xero, FreeAgent and QuickBooks or let us make a recommendation for you.

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Meet The Team

Formed in 2008, Cobia Accounting is part of the wider Cobia group, which offers a wide range of financial services so you can rest assured you’re in good hands. We specialise in digital bookkeeping and tax planning for freelancers, contractors, self-employed individuals, startups and small businesses.



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