Free Limited Company Set Up

And Nothing Fishy About It…



Forming your limited company is easy with Cobia Accounting

We’ll set up your limited company for free and offer a complimentary company accounts consultation to ensure you have the tools you need to succeed.

Set Up Your Limited Company

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Step One

Use the company search tool to select your company name (if the name you want is taken, you don’t have to use this as your trading name).

Step Two

Complete our Limited Company Set Up Form and let us know when you’d like your free company accounts consultation to take place.

Step Three

We’ll process your application then send it to Companies House to get your company officially set up and let you know when we’ve done this.

Step Four

When we’ve received your documents (typically within 24 hours), we’ll send you a digital copy for your records and put the originals in the post.

Why should I set up a limited company?

There are many benefits to setting up a limited company. When you do this, you can nominate yourself as a company director, which means you’ll be able to claim significant tax relief.

Am I missing out?

The only thing you’re missing out on is paying a fee to set up your limited company! We’ll set your company up and send your certificate of incorporation for free – plus we’ll throw in a free business consultation.

What's the catch?

We’re offering to set up your limited company for free in case you also need to find an accountant but that’s the only catch!

Search the companies house database for your new company name

The only thing fishy about us is our name

We’re an accounting firm named after a fish, but that’s the only fishy thing about us.

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